Domain Whois Lookup Tool

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The WHOIS Lookup tool helps to find the owner of a domain name, enter a domain of which you would like to know the owner and press Lookup button to perform the query.

All domain name owners are required to maintain contact information, known as WHOIS information with their registrants. This is a requirement of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), an organisation that oversees domain name registrars and resellers. The WHOIS lookup tool works by querying the registrar's registrant database using the WHOIS protocol. The query returns the owner or point person contact information for the requested domain. Though it is a requirement for the domain name registrar to maintain contact information of the owner or point person of a domain, it is not a requirement that this information be publicly accessible. For this reason, and depending on the domain, WHOIS information may not be accessible to the WHOIS Lookup tool if the owner of the domain has enabled privacy features through their registrar. Instead, the WHOIS results will be the contact information of the registrar.

A successful WHOIS Lookup query begins with entering a valid domain name or public IP address. The tool with then attempt to connect to a WHOIS server registered to the domain on TCP/IP port 43. If the WHOIS server responds, the results will contain the following details:

The Administrative contact person (either by name or by title e.g. Domain Administrator)
A Physical Address
A Phone number
The name of the registrar e.g.
The Homepage of the registrar
The domain name servers for the domain.
The date when the domain was registered and its expiry date
The date when the contact information for the domain was last updated
Finally, the domain servers of the domain listed in order of priority